Founded by Cherice and Charissa BartonBarton Movement is a company of world-class choreographers, creative directors, dancers, and editors specializing in dance, movement and choreography, and creating compelling content for film, television, stage, VR and live events.


PC: Cheryl Mann

PC: Cheryl Mann

Cherice and Charissa Barton, recognized by audiences and critics as leaders in the performing arts industry, share award-winning careers in entertainment, spanning over thirty years across thirty-five countries. With a unique eye for transforming movement into inspired and visually stunning work, the Barton sisters have collaborated on numerous notable projects on stage, in film, on Network Television and Broadway. Their credits as choreographers, staging directors, and creative producers include The Grammys, America’s Got Talent, Aspen Santa Fe BalletLionsgate Entertainment, Lucasfilm Animation, Dragone Entertainment Group, Genesis G-70 Global launch and numerous Instagram Campaigns, as well as joining forces with prestigious innovators such as George Lucas, Julie Taymor, Crystal Pite, Katy Perry and Alan Tudyk.

Cherice and Charissa's unique pathways have led them to identify as creative entrepreneurs while continually advancing their careers as both artists and human beings. From entertainment to humanitarianism, wellness, technology and business, the Barton sisters have undeniably explored multiple outlets in the industry, while continuing to create opportunities for countless artists, including the launch of Axis Connect, a non-profit educational platform designed to support emerging professional dancers as they embark on their careers. Ambitious, heart-driven, collaborative, socially aware and fantastic under pressure, the Barton sisters have proven themselves to be jewels in the crowns of any production.

Barton Movement is represented by MSA Agency