Joe Chaplin

Joe Chaplin.jpeg


Megan Nicole Music Video (2017) *Choreographer and dance for YouTube sensation Megan Nicole

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (2016) *Character/Dancer “Travel Agency” (French Band) – Paris, France (2010)


Tour Choreographer My Super Sweet Sixteen – UK (2009) , Y@P Dance Troupe, Hired Entertainment Mobo (Music of Black Origin) Awards – UK (2008 to 2009)


Dance Troupe Featured Artists: Ne‐Yo, Amy Winehouse, T‐Pain, SugarBabes, N‐Dubs, Craig David & Kano Dance Masters (Award Show) – London, UK (2007), *Y@P Dance Troupe Company (Nominee for Best Dance Troupe in UK), UK vs. USA Street Dance Weekend – UK (2006), *Y@P Dance Troupe Featured Performer Street Dance Weekend – Hammersmith Apollo – UK (2005), *Y@P Dance Troupe Featured Performer (Top 5 Winner/3rd Place) Disney Land – Paris (2005), *Character, Dancer Top of the Pops “British Music Chart Television” – London, UK (2004), *BBC Studios Performer, Dancer Blue Peter “Beatles Tribute Band” – London, UK (2003), *BBC Studios Performer, Dancer (Multiple master classes, workshops and choreography taking place in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, France as well as schools, colleges, universities all over London and across the UK.)


Dance Conservatory Of Pasadena (2018-Present) *Hip-Hop Instructor/Choreographer

Hollywood Cultural Arts Center (2018-Present) *Hip‐Hop Instructor/Choreographer

Media City Dance Company (2017‐Present) *Hip‐Hop Instructor/Choreographer

Green Kite Records‐ USA Nationwide (2016‐Present) *Choreographer for multiple bands.

RockStar Dance‐ Los Angeles (2016‐Present) *Hip‐Hop Instructor

Star Collaborative‐ Los Angeles (2016‐ Present) *Co Director *Hip‐hop Instructor/Choreographer

Sky High Dance‐ Los Angeles (2016‐Present) *Hip‐hop Instructor/Choreographer

Extreme Dance London – London, UK (2010‐2016) *Hip-hop director, children, teens and young adults, performance production

Twisters Dance Company – London, UK (2009 to 2016) * Hip-Hop Choreographer/ Artistic Director Haberdashers Askes

Knights Academy London, UK (20112015) *Guest Hip-Hop choreographer City University London-London,UK (20102013) *Guest Hip-Hop choreographer

West Side Performing Arts School – Dublin, Ireland (2009 to 2010) *Teacher/Choreographer, Coach, Performer, Show Coordinator 

Training/Study: Pineapple Performing Arts/Studios – London, UK